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About FUR: The Detroit quartet, comprised of members Ryan O’Rourke, Michael O’Connor, Zach Pliska and Johanna Champagne, has been described as an ear-engulfing wall of sound. Both moody and energetic, they exude a lush, minor-keyed pop sensibility that belies their post-punk veneer. Simply put: FUR is a clattering, beat-driven, reverb-drenched machine with 80′s-inspired synth. And you can dance to it.
Their debut release, recorded with Jim Kissling at Tempermill Studios, was released in March 2010. For the follow-up EP, Devastate The Details, (released August 2010) it was decided to track as a full band on the studio floor in an attempt to capture the noisier, more frantic sound the four were starting to cultivate during live sets. Recorded over a long weekend at Roshambo Studios, FUR then decided to again work with Jim Kissling in order to mix and master the six tracks. Currently the band is writing between shows and plans to be back in the studio this winter to work towards a full length. Expect a release date in the first half of 2011.

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