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Ty Statz

About Ty Statz: Born and raised in Charlotte NC, originally bread as a battle rapper by starting out crushing opponents at school lunchroom tables then terrorizing hip-hop lounge lyricist.
Eventually elevating to ghostwriting and recording as an independent artist knowing minimum aspects of 'The Game'.
Years of learning and writing gruaduated Statz to the title most know him now as 'The Hitmaker'
after mastering the art of creating creative hooks and lyrics and putting them both together generating songs that many would call 'Hits'.Already talented in the fields of Graphic design,video editing & Studio engineering , Ty Statz was on the way to success in many fields.
Becoming Co-Founder of Chillz Entertainment stabalized a home base which allowed the future and vision to open for the bringing back of Good music and creativity once more.
Have you ever met a hitmaker ?
How would you know if you were in the pressence of one ?
After everything is said and done the only thing that really stands is the music, so im sure you'll appreciate what he is about to bring to you and the rest of the world when it finally reaches the max boiling point.

'Ty Statz-The HITMAKER'

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