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Orange Grove

About Orange Grove: Singer Michael Maidwell and close friend Jacob Streefkerk formed the group about ten years ago. They had both come to the Netherlands to study after graduating from high school, leaving their Caribbean homes on St Maarten behind. They applied for a marketing management study but soon found out they really didn’t enjoy thinking about the economy and what firm they might end up working for when they graduated. Actually, one of the few things they did feel sure of was that they wanted to make music. A few years of studying business helped to reinforce those thoughts even more, and before you know it Orange Grove was born. Jacob had been playing guitar for a couple years and was getting quite good at it, and Michael had just discovered he could sing while one day trying to sing a Bob Marley song in the shower..so it made perfect sense: they’d put their talents and brains together and before you know it they’d be playing in front of thousands of people! Maybe even trillions!

For more on OG check out their official site www.ogband.com

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