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Augury music licensing store
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About Augury: Formed by guitarist Mathieu Marcotte after departing his previous band Spasme, Augury's original lineup featured bassist Dominic "Forest" Lapointe and soprano vocalist Arianne Fleury, with the lineup soon being completed by ex-Kralizec vocalist Patrick Loisel and ex-Adenine drummer Mathieu Groulx. It was this group of people who began to craft the band's original and complex style of ambitious, often medival influenced operatic death metal, known for juxtaposing high female vocals with growls and astonishing, ambitious compositional work. √Čtienne Gallo would soon replace Mathieu Groulx on drums, and the band released their deubt album Concealed in 2004. After recieving a surprising burst of appeal, the band signed a record deal for Europe and experienced another lineup change as Arianne Fleury departed. Though she has yet to be replaced, several alternating female vocalists have filled in for her during the group's live shows. Their first tour saw them opening for Quo Vadis, and further improved their reputation throughout the scene. The tour's end saw Etienne Gallo exit the group, but he was soon replaced by Philippe Cousineau.

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