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One Happy Island

About One Happy Island: Via a string of coveted, handmade limited edition EP releases (two of which on the influential London WeePOP! imprint), Boston born underground pop mini-orchestra One Happy Island have found themselves among the most beloved acts in today’s vital indie-pop community. Disciplined enough to keep it together most of the time, and honest enough to just let it all fall apart when the moment warrants, their ever-evolving sound has yet to be captured on full-length release—until now.

Available this summer on Odd Box Records, One Happy Island is a devastating debut, an ambitious and colorful collection that builds beautifully on the band’s prior endeavors, while striking out into new directions at nearly every turn. Featuring everything from autumnal, orchestral ruminations to Farfisa fired garage-pop, the band’s trademark jangley guitars, shaky trumpet, tiny percussion instruments, and tender boy/girl harmonies are reborn in a shocking array of contexts without ever losing sight of the DIY wonder that first inspired them to crawl out of the basement and perform at club stages, open fields, and pub backrooms around the world.

“Bedroom pop at its loosest and sweetest.”
—Boston Metro

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