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About Faith:REFINED: Faith:REFINED is a band made up of members who have faced the Refiner’s fire and emerged stronger in their Faith than they were before. Led by Debbie L. Rice, herself a cancer survivor, their unique blend of pop/country/rock Contemporary Christian music tells the story of a faith made bolder each time a crisis is faced.

Located on the shores of the Texas Gulf Coast, Faith:REFINED is made up of vocalist Pamela Bieri, guitarist Ray Miller, bass player Kirby Mackey, drummer Jesse Sawyer, and keyboardist Debbie L. Rice.

Faith:REFINED’s mission is to bring God’s message of Faith to believers and non-believers alike. Main songwriter Debbie L. Rice shows through her music the wonderful things God has done in her life, and the growth she has experienced by placing her trust and faith in Him during times of difficulty. Having faced numerous trials in a short period of time, you would think her music would be full
of anger, grief and sorrow. Instead, she tells of the love, provision and
blessing God gives to you when you put Him first in your life and put your life in His hands.

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