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Crazy Ducks [Up Records] music licensing store
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Crazy Ducks [Up Records]

About Crazy Ducks [Up Records]: Yaron Osinsky aka Crazy Ducks was born in 1981 and has been playing keyboards since the age of 14. He has been a producer for 10 years and he came in to the psy trance scene from a heavy metal background whilst on a journey to find new sounds and atmospheres that no body had done before.

In 2001 he released a dark wave ambient style album called " Way… " under the project name " Ouroboros " since this moment Yaron has been a part of the psy scene and has produced the craziest beats that he could get out of his studio.

Crazy Ducks is an Up Records and a Blue Pie artist and is available on You License for the world to enjoy. For more information on Crazy Ducks please visit the following websites:

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