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Guinea Pigs [Up Records] music licensing store
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Guinea Pigs [Up Records]

About Guinea Pigs [Up Records]: Guinea Pigs are Avi & Shalom Sagges, two psychoactive brothers from the Holy Land. They are deeply loved and respected by party goers and cutting-edge psytrance musicians all over the world. Nobody can stand still and resist dancing to their music with a bright smile, yet it does not fall under any existing musical style. It is intelligent and complex, but also easily understood by anyone. It's fast, hard and pumping, but feels very fun and cheerful. It does not matter which area of the brain you developed before introduction to Guinea Pigs, it does not matter if it is day or night, Guinea Pigs are guaranteed to take the main stage. This amazing combination creates a fresh and unique style of intelligent psychedelic dance floor music.

Guinea Pigs are an Up Records and a Blue Pie artist and are available on You License for the world to enjoy. For more information on Guinea Pigs please visit the following websites:

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