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About AKP: We are AKP. We play the game of rock n’ roll on the "hard" setting... .. ..Buy the new album.. ........ ..Diagonal Man promo video.. .. .. .. .. .. ..Four-headed Music-Mothra Eats Audience..in Rock’n’Roll Rampage!.. ..If these lads were moths... ..But they’re not - they’re instead a tightly-coiled, highly-strung and overdriven unit of rock bastards, intent ..ging every audience member with them on their rollercoaster of high kicking riffage, bluster and stomp. Shamelessly bombastic and hook-filthy - this is ROCK MUSIC, ladies and gents, with a healthy dose of wit and joy... ..Recent years have seen them supporting the likes of Boy Kill Boy, Rumble Strips, Imperial Leisure, Toby Jepson (ex-Little Angels) and The Spinto Band - as well as release their debut album ’The Blast Apex’ and follow up EP ’Rocket Science’... ..2008 promises to blow all that out of the water... ..Get your shiny asses down to witness one of the most exciting bands York has ever produced!..

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