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About KeeLime: With their infectious songs, summertime grooves and blissful vibe, Montreal pop-rockers KeeLime will have you diving right into their refreshing sound, feeling that it truly is good to be alive.

“The greatest melody is the one I havenʼt heard before.” Says KeeLime alter-ego Lu Rolli. A singer/songwriter, whose artistic journey started after discovering his grandfatherʼs poems written on the other side of old photographs, a journey, where, as he puts it: “Lu Rolli is the traveller and KeeLime is the Vehicle.” And just like in those old poem/photographs, where one side holds the picture and the other side holds the words, KeeLime and Lu Rolli co-exist: Experience and art.

PLANET NATIVE is KeeLimeʼs new record. With songs like the uplifting and inspiring “When I Breathe You In”, the summertime sing-along of “Knock Off Girl”, the tribal inspired title track "Planet Native” and the fan favorite, spiritually driven “Sweet Divine”, it is easy to hear that Singer Kee-Lime (Lu Rolli), Guitarist Fred Di Santo, Bassist Tony "Bone" Iracani and drummer Ken Cabral are having a fantastic time and they are extending us an invitation to jump in and join them.

“The aim, the "plan" is to write wonderful music.” Says KeeLime. And if the overwhelming response to PLANET NATIVE by fans and the music business (radio, internet radio, indie record companies) is any indication – the plan is working. For KeeLime itʼs the perfect response to their invitation to become “Eternal Limers”.

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