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Okapi Guitars

About Okapi Guitars: Okapi Guitars are a Sydney band playing African dance music. Their repertoire ranges from Zimbabwean chimurenga to Kenyan classics, and from Tuareg desert blues to West African hi-life and afrobeat.

Members of the band have performed African music for over 20 years and have links to the local African community.
As a band and as songwriters they have been committed for years to promoting Third World issues and presenting anti-racist and anti-war messages through their lyrics.

In 2008 they played their Zimbabwean-style electric guitar music to the Sydney Zimbabwean community as support band for the legendary Oliver Mtukudzi during his Australian tour.

The Okapi Guitars usually perform as a 4-piece dance music outfit with electric instruments but have also often performed in an acoustic configuration. The band consists of two guitars, bass and drums. Other recent performances include the National Folk Festival and Coastfest in 2008, and the Illawarra Folk Festival in January 2010.

Band members have been involved with African music since the 1980's. They listened to and loved Fela Kuti while he was still alive, and have shared the stage with bands from the classic era of African pop, such as the Bhundu Boys, the Mahotella Queens, Abdul TJ, and Tchico Tchicaya.
OGs take the music seriously, and provide something unique: good to listen to, great to dance to, a fine time for all.

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