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Sleazy Mcqueen [8th Dimension Records] music licensing store
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Sleazy Mcqueen [8th Dimension Records]

About Sleazy Mcqueen [8th Dimension Records]: While drunk one night with a Japanese-Hispanic-Italo-American and his aforementioned twin Maxula (who had, as of late, been consumed in the throes of a quarter-life crisis), McQueen gained complimentary access to a mega-club in the Citys notorious Chelsea neighborhood to attend a DJ performance by Mark Farina. After the customary rope-side congratulations, McQueen entered the club just in time to hear Farina playing a song he himself had created. It was at this point that McQueen realized his sound was, indeed, streetworthy. Following in the footsteps of other great Brooklyners, McQueen continues to provide an outlet for his culturally-confused funked-up house sound. Blazing along the time-space continuum, McQueen can see a future that is bright and promising. In April of 2007, McQueen relocated to central Florida to assume a position for the renowned Eighth Dimension/EIGHT-TRACKS music group as Head Office Lacky. This promises to be a long chapter for McQueen...

His record bag has found occasion to travel to Bogota, Tokyo, Florence, and London, and has allowed him several tours of those United States. His computer and keyboards have signed releases on numerous foreign and domestic labels, including, but not limited to; Bearfunk, Headtunes Music, Bananza Recordings, Eight-Tracks/Eighth Dimension, House Arrest, Morris Audio, Chillin Music.

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