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About Richard Elam: Music is the purest form of communication because it depends on
one person's unique internal rhythm merging with those of another
person. Thus, we use our hearts to hear music in waves,
matching motion with motion. "Song for a Life", my first song,
was -in a way -a gift from my father. A musician himself and a
quiet, gentle man, he never spoke much about himself. Once, in a
dream I had, he looked at me with loving eyes and said, "So you
want to know what I feel?" He sat at the piano and started playing
beautiful music. The tears that started in the dream were with me
as I awakened. So was the music, which became “Song for a Life.”
My life has been a song: very full, very rich, sometimes with very
discordant minors, sometimes with hushed melody, and occasionally
with the most beautiful sounds the universe could dream. All
of my “Songs for a Life” are about people or events in my life and
the journey that I am on .
I take pride, and have joy, in what is presented here. However my
pride and joy, and my journey, can only really be shared if some
of what you see and hear touches your heart as it has touched my
-Richard Elam (October, 2010)

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