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Draco Himself music licensing store
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Draco Himself

About Draco Himself: Draco Himself is the New Breed

From all the way down the block, you can already hear the bass thumping from the back of someone’s truck. The bursting sounds of hip hop from Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Draco Himself radiate from the stereo, washing over listeners while cultivating a fiery, exciting sound. Begin with insatiably catchy beats, and add layer upon layer of Draco’s impeccable lyrical flow and talent, and his full force begins to take shape, as each song builds up potential to become the next club hit.

While the young Tulsa upstart was blessed with raw, unmatched skills, his unwavering drive and determination allowed him to hone his craft into a fine edge, polishing songs and rhymes into bonafide scorching singles. Draco takes his abilities seriously, and utilizes everything to his advantage while networking across the country to build up his music, as well as his independent brand.


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