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Marco Mahler music licensing store
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Marco Mahler

About Marco Mahler: "[Marco Mahler's] music goes beyond the musical boundaries of austere beauty. It can even be life-changing." - Thieves By Tuesday*

"Laptop Campfire Speed is one of those rare and wonderful releases capable of cutting through the noise by hardly making a sound. Very highly recommended." - My Old Kentucky Blog

"There is beauty in simplicity and the music of Marco Mahler is simply beautiful. It takes guts to be gentle and kind, the music of Marco Mahler has guts" - The Devil Has The Best Tuna

"Everyone has that one album that they will never get sick of, that always hits home, and that they can always relate to in any mood or current situation. Marco Mahler's Design In Quick Rotation can be said to be that album. From the first 30 seconds his meek voice and guitar soak into your skin and permeate happy peaceful memories throughout your being. It's gentle, it's beautiful, and it's sincere. I would imagine this being the soundtrack to a stranger's smile, or the adventure of looking into someone's eyes and having a full conversation without words. This album is a unique illustration of how beautiful and simple music can be." - The Teal - Indie Rock Reviews

"Up there in the Top 5 Things I’ve Ever Found In The 100b HQ Inbox" [Laptop Campfire Speed] - 100b

"Wow, I just couldn’t stop listening to this great music. Excellent vibrant songs, with calming voice." - Hastik Blog

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