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About T.N.S: T.N.S is a rap duo that started in G.A..The first member of T.N.S goes by the name of Mac-Menace "OH YEAH". Mac-Menace was born on Feb.16th 1992 on Milwaukees north side at center street. At the age of 6 years old, Mac moved to Atlanta's zone 6. Around his freshman year in high school, Mac's mother packed up and moved further north of Atlanta. While attending Dacula High he teamed up with his rap partner Chazy-Boi and begun recording with new up and coming producers of KV-Records. The second member of T.N.S goes by the name of Chazy-Boi a.k.a 'swagstar'. Chazy-Boi was born on July 20th 1989 in Albany New York on 1st street also known as first block the worst block.. Chazy-Boi inspiration came from the rappers Jada Kiss and Lil Wayne. Chazy-Boi first picked up the mic when he was 13 years old then began performing for his family in the living room. A star was born!!! Chazy-Boi was moving back and fourth from Atl to New York finishing up high school. After graduating in 2008 from Albany High Chazy-Boi finally made Atl his permanent home an the rest is history. Together these two phenomenal entertainers formed the group T.N.S which is short for Top Notch Stunnaz.. this duo rap group is definitely TOP NOTCH, having performed at the well known venues Palladium, Tree House, and Club Valley. These guys are destined for stardom, so look out young world, Top Notch Stunnaz will blow your mind. Be on the look out for their hot smash single Shout Out feat Roscoe Dash.

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