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About Ghostboy: Ghostboy began as the musical avatar of Sydney-based artist Jonathan Jaques. He recorded the 1st Ghostboy material back in 2004. This yeilded live incarnations from 2005-2007, during which JJ honed his writing & production skills. In 2008, he got together w/ Aussie rock producer Peter Blyton (Radiators, Lime Spiders, Michael Hutchence, Sick Puppies) & recorded a collection of demos packaged later as The Dark Passenger. JJ cycled copies around Sydney, finally finding like-minded troublemakers in 2009.

Ghostboy is now JJ + Ben Mammen (gtr), Luke Audsley (bass) & Alejandro Gonzalez (drums).

2010 has so far seen Ghostboy record their debut EP w/ Clayton Segelov (The Scare, Bridezilla) set for release in August + begin gigging around Sydney. Their sound & songs are already drawing comparison to Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo, NIN, Lou Reed & Machine Gun Fellatio.

Ghostboy is a Blue Pie Artist and available to You License from Blue Pie.

For more information on Ghostboy and how you can license any and all of their music please visit the following websites:

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