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Tendawema music licensing store
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About Tendawema: I am a Singer- Songwriter,Music Producer,arranger,melody maker,lyrcist.
I have written around 200 songs and recorded about 50 tracks. My Songs are original,unique and very memorable.Through my hard work I have accumulated a huge following at www.myspace.com, over three million hits and growing.I am very creative with words,experimental with sound and know how to match the two perfectly together to create the desired effect or message. I am a very good narrator and you can tell that by listening to some of my songs.I am extremely good with words.I am very visual in a creative way and know how to represent my ideas,feelings and imagination through other forms of creativity rather than music such as colour,structure and intensity.
I am sure you will find my songs very interesting.
Thanking you and hoping to get some licensing offers.
Sincerely, Tendawema

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