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Leighton Miles

About Leighton Miles: Combining the classic orchestra with the electric guitar, Leighton Miles brings a unique style to the rock genre. Influenced by artists such as Yanni and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, he is able to create a large range of genre-crossing styles while still maintaining a musical balance to produce a dynamic combination of songs. Because Leighton is the only member in his band, he is able to write, direct, record, produce, and arrange all of his music. His latest album, "Broken", takes on a vocal approach to complement his usual instrumental style.

Leighton is 20 years old and has been making CDs since he was 13. His released discography includes "Alaska"(2003), "Universe"(2004), "The Island"(2005), "Legend"(2007), and "Broken", his latest album, released on March 31st, 2008.

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