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About Figaro : If you are looking for a recording artist with many aspects to his music, well you have found the right one. He goes by the name Figaro; his music combination is multifaceted.
As a child he would write what ever was on his mind. Figaro wrote about his life experiences and the struggles he faced being raised by a single parent. However, he didn't really get into music, until his older brother sampled his writings in a rap song. He noticed the positive feedback his brother was received, so he decided to take a chance on it. Figaro didn't want to be categorized as an RnB singer, hip hop/ pop artist or a rapper; he made music based on what he felt at the moment. At 16, after performing at a school talent show, he gained more popularity with the ladies. The reaction from the female audience ladies motivated him to write songs geared towards the ladies.
Like most adolescents, he fell madly in love at age of 19; however it was short lived. The heartbreak actually influenced him to write songs about heartache and young love.
He has learned how to channel his emotions into his music. You'll never know what he's going to deliver musically.
Figaro has done features with Billy Blue, DJ Rhymer, C-Ride, Black Prince, Moody Montana, Young Cartoon & Balla Toine.
Figaro is the next best thing, unboundingly; his talents are here to stay. You will be hearing more about him, stay tuned...

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