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About Abhi: Abhi has been writing songs since her early teens and was in a melodic rock band for eight years, gigging at various pub/bar venues in London. The band split in 2009. She is now working on solo material, expanding her horizons and dipping her toe in atmospheric dance melodies and beats. Before the band split they home recorded their best songs onto a self produced album called 'So Awake' by LUNAR SOUNDS, on i-tunes and spotify. The old LUNAR SOUNDS tracks are melancholic and soulful, perfect for a moody scene setting. The song 'down-beats remix' is an atmospheric electro remix of the original song 'down' also found on the LUNAR SOUNDS mypsace site. She now spend her time writing unique sounding melodic songs with thought provoking lyrics, with build ups and great riffs. She would love to offer her songs to anyone who deems them to be spot on for what they are looking for.

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