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Annemarie Zimakoff

About Annemarie Zimakoff: nnemarie grew up in a very religious home with piano and as 10-year old she was sent to piano classes. Quickly she got tired of the strict piano teacher and two years later she grabbed her sisters old guitar to make melodies for the songs she had started to write.

In spring 2008 Annemarie Zimakoff released her debut album “Ivory” which led to tours in Denmark, Germany and The United States. She played at Oppenheimers Afternoon in Århus, where the renowned music journalist Ole Rosenstand from Danish music Magazine GAFFA acknowledged her concert with 4 stars. “Ivory” also got a stunning reception by the critics: “She sings outstanding”, Martin Hansen from Rootszone wrote. “A powerful debut”, wrote Henrik Breum from the Bergske Blade.

The melodies move between pop/folk and americana/country. They’re unpredictable, edgy, often melancholic and make their way into the heart along with Annemaries expressive voice. With her intense performances she has captured her audience around the world so far in Dublin, Berlin, New York, Nashville and of course in all corners of Denmark.
In 2010 she releases "The Girl Without Music" on her own label.

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