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Kora Sylfa

About Kora Sylfa: ELECTRONIC FUNK & DREAMS :°)

"Electronica is supposed to make you feel good...

…and that's really the only explanation for Kora Sylfa's surprising full-length "Blinkal".
Showcasing a variety of influences unlike many other electronica artists might even dare, Kora Sylfa has created a wonderful, strong piece of art with "Blinkal". It's probably the first album of its genre which failed to lose my interest after the third song. Quite the contrary - the time spent listening to it actually was enjoyable! Pick up "Blinkal", strap on the headphones, and go take a break from life. That's what you'll feel like doing after just one listen.

Not being a huge fan of the genre, "Blinkal" sure kept my attention. To say it impressed me is not saying enough."
- Brett Laffin www.Bandbreak.com

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