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About haj: Born in Washington D.C. and raised in Charlotte N.C. Anthony J. Hamilton always felt a love for music and a pull towards hip-hop.
"My younger brother was doing it before me. He was in college and would come home with his rhymes and spitting verses. I didn't take it serious until like 1992. I started recording
in 1993."
A fan of acts like De La Soul, The Native Tongues, The Roots, his style is harder to categorize than others.
"It's honestly not a style. It's basically, my Hip Hop influences and the music that I grew up listening too, my life experiences. That's my style"
He decided to pursue his passion and hit the studio in 93', with the finished product, the experimental
"Daily Meditations" coming out in 1995.
"The title speaks for itself. It's full of things that I thought about on a daily basis during that period. I was going through a whole transition, a musical transition. It started out being something totally different. By the time we recorded the album, it turned into a way to the left jazz, avant garde type of vibe."
His new project, "outside myself" showcases a more mature Haj and more life experiences.
Songs like "Fast Food", "Can't Get Out the Game", "I Got Options" and "Situation" all showcase the growth of haj as an artist.

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