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About Glowhouse: This project is solace.

It's that single pinewood cabin, built with calloused hands, up in all that black, whose single candle light still flickers on the worn, knotted dining room table, and you can make it out on the hillside - a dim, vague glow in the middle of all those trees in the middle of that mist that holds them.

You can go to those places, in the stillness, when you close your eyes to these sounds. Alex Sugg took a dream and told it in a song.

Musically, Albuquerque, New Mexico doesn't hold a large amount of precedence when it comes to the voices who call it home, but that may soon change. Alex Sugg has been heavily involved in multiple projects vastly different from this particular priority: Glowhouse - a folk-esque, neo-soul, haunting and beautiful focus that acts as an outlet and a love and a dream.

Glowhouse reveals a more minimalistic artistry when compared to his previous endeavors. December's limited-release, Winter 2009, was little more than an acoustic guitar accompanying heavy vocal direction, but it was something new, and acted as the perfect catalyst towards an enthusiastic acceptance, which encouraged its dreamy, creative freedom. A sadness and a joy seemed to flow out of Sugg's vocal chords, and they came out together, conflicted and at peace; both teary nods of understanding and blurred questions resonating off of the chords his fingers find in that guitar

-Levi Macallister

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