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Joe Pastore

About Joe Pastore: He is an artist, and just like any other artist, he is eclectic. He has always cultivated the art of writing since childhood, in fact he wrote his first stories in this period. He shows great interest in music and cinema. He writes short stories and songs, he plays in many bands and participates in competitions, qualifying amongst the first places. In 2007 he graduated in History. Then the editor Eremon has published two books of his, Dèi del cielo dèi della Terra (Gods of the sky gods of the earth) and La ricerca della Pietra filosofale (The search for Philosopher's Stone), which at the moment have not been translated in other languages. He has written, directed and scored several short films which have also participated in various competitions. He has written movie subjects and screenplays for many years, but they are waiting for a producer. He is working as a teacher, but he is carrying out many projects, including some short films and he is writing new books.

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