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About Inzombia: Inzombia, Back From the Dead
The year is 2009, four artists come together to complete unfinished business, music that they loved to play and that everyone wanted to hear. The urge could be denied no more……………so the new chapter begins.
Shilo Lauinger (guitars), Matt Lanthier (drums), Derek Halvorsen (vocals) and Keith Block (bass guitar) brought together by music and fate. While sharing a wide range of musical influences and talents the pieces have fallen into place. So now the real work begins.
The common denominator: With Matt and Shilo forming the original Inzombia and Matt and Keith playing together for years, the addition of Derek seemed logical. Being Matt’s ex band mate in Magnum Opus. Finally the year came when all four united. So the story unfolds.
Inzombia is currently in the studio sifting through an over abundance of material. With songs ranging from acoustic and piano filled numbers to balls out heavy rockers. There’s sure to be something for every hard rock fan to sink their teeth into.

Over the year’s the members of Inzombia have had the privilege to play various venues and events around BC from Festival of Guns to Metalfest and everything in between. The show must and will go on.
Inzombia: meaning or pertaining to lack of sleep due the chronic and obsessive pursuit of one’s goals. I.e. music
Inzombia’s music is the perfect balance of hard rock and heavy metal and now they have unleashed it upon the masses……. Rip yourself off a piece! And enjoy!

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