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Sean James Boyer

About Sean James Boyer: Sean James Boyer is a post-secondary educated musician and composer with advanced knowledge and experience in post-production media for television and film. His passion for music began at the age of 11 when he picked up his first guitar. Sean has made music a priority in his life ever since, gaining invaluable practical experience as a member of several bands over the course of 15 years. Sean expanded his knowledge of digital audio recording and composing jingles at an in-house production company. 

Sean has previously partnered with adventurer J. Brett Rogers on his feature documentary entitled '100 Days On The Yukon'. As the sole composer for the documentary, he undertook the responsibility of capturing the feel and timbre of the story of a 3000 kilometer journey down the Yukon River, on a homemade raft with no amenities, to raise awareness of environmental issues. In April of 2010, Sean was featured as the monthly Music Maker for the British organization Humtoo.com an online network for musicians connecting artists with content creators around the world.

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