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About ALTRA: Altra is an up and coming electronic/rock band based out of St. Petersburg, Russia. In September of 2010, guitarist and sound producer, Sergei, produced their debut single Try Me On, that was recorded in band's home studio.

Sergei is the founder of the band, has been playing the guitar for over 10 years, and has teamed up with a fellow guitarist/composer, Bazil, to create a new paradigm in the music industry.

Enter Natalya Altra. An aspiring artist, passionate about her music, she gathers her energy from her soul to provide the vocals and the lyrics for this band. She currently majors in performing arts at Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts.

It seems as though fate coupled these artists together through immediate common grounds in musical tastes and style. All of them used to take part in different musical projects but decided to develop their styles into a more contemporay,qualitative, and commercial sound.

Through video blogs and online media, you will soon see how they become one when creating music on their journey to the top of the world music charts. Be sure to check out (insert youtube link here/or website link) and get ready because Altra is recording its first album, scheduled for release in 2011.

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