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About JET W. LEE: One of Chicago’s most exciting rock bands, JET W. LEE continues a tradition of original rock that alternates between fast, fiery diatribes and atmospheric short stories. From the raw indignation of “Bridesmaids, Babies” to the thick sarcasm of “Stay Thin,” debut album Who Shall Remain Shameless charges out of the gate and relaxes only on side two, where folk influences shine through the clangor. Concerts are similarly high-energy, whether by the full band or Johnson solo; new songs “Far Better Times” and “Gas on the Grave” show the band has not grown soft. JET W. LEE just completed a second album, Western Nightmare, and is touring the country in support of it.

Press Clips for Jet W. Lee:

“With their jangly guitars, bombastic drums, earnest vocals, and citified touches of country, local comfort-rock trio Jet W. Lee sound like they’ve spent a lot of time listening to mid-80s Husker Du and R.E.M. Jet W. Lee seem like they’re still able to feel the glamorous glow of in-the-know cult adoration that accompanied such groups in their indie-label days.”
– Chicago Reader -

“Rock’s future is safe in the hands of Chicago band Jet W. Lee.”
– The Total Scene -

“(Western Nightmare is) a fun album, an album with staying power, an album that makes you want to tap your feet and nod your head along, and yet there is an undeniable struggle being played out within each song that makes itthat much more powerful.”
– Smile Politely -

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