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About Grooveworks: Grooveworks Music Located at http://www.reverbnation.com/grooveworks

Grooveworks is the collective name for the music of Jules Art and his collaborations.

Currently in Beziers, SW France,

Grooveworks enjoy mixing up genres/styles and so the collective output is both various, and a bit difficult to catagorise.

Essentially the "art" of the music and the groove are of key importance.

There will be no Rap !! (soooo bored of it - period)

Very interested in commision work for TV commercial etc.

Open to exploring working with other Artists/Musicians/Chanteurs. So if you are in this area and interested in hooking up, get in touch.

The copyright to All Music and Artwork belongs exclusively to Grooveworks © and Jules_Art ©

Jules Art - Artwork at

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