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The JD music licensing store
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The JD

About The JD: Formed in the summer of 2004 the JD rapidly developed an original but ever-changing style and drive. They have only ever covered one song and their original material shows the band’s diversity and musical ability.

In the time the band has been together they have grabbed the local alternative music scene by the throat and made themselves heard. Releasing their first single ‘Cold’ in July 2007 the band received regular airplay and was nominated by ‘Kerrang!’ listeners for the best live act of 2007 in the Vodafone Music Awards.

The debut release also saw the band being promoted on the front page of iTunes as the rock single of the week. The JD have permanently set their name in the local music network and have begun to branch out further a field, playing shows in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester Nottingham and Coventry.

Their music, written by the band, is original; they play what inspires them and follow in nobody’s footsteps. It is full of blazing guitar solos, catchy melodies, and driving rhythms which catch the ear and attract attention. It reflects their experiences, thoughts, and opinions on life.

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