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Haunted Echo

About Haunted Echo: "I'm haunted by the hallway and this tiny room, the echo there of me and you; voices that are carrying this tune..." - Poe

Haunted Echo (derived from the lyrics above) is the solo project from New York's producer/programmer, Kris "Halo" Pierce, who creates tracks with rich atmospheric textures and aural landscapes that are often described as movie music.

From Industrial anthems to Chillout lounge to Ambient excursions, one word describes Haunted Echo's music better than any other: Escapism. "Many people come back and tell me, 'It's so easy to get lost in my imagination when I listen to your music.' and that means I succeeded." Beneath the melancholy lies a bed of classical and contemporary music influence. One can hear conversations with Hans Zimmer, Nick Cave, and Rhys Fulber inside synthesizers, moods, and layers of syncopating rhythms. Haunted Echo's first and primary goal is to be as modern as possible while bridging the gap between genres and to destroy the barriers of genre.


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