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Castro music licensing store
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About Castro: Castro’s personality and musical talent combine to form his musical style, NEW WORLD MUSIC. It is a musical style that gathers musicians from different ethnic’s backgrounds, different cultures, and different countries, the secret about it that these talented musicians have different backgrounds and they play different styles including Blues, Jazz, Gypsy, etc., but all of them share the same feeling about Castro’s music, and each one expresses their feeling in their own unique way

In 2009, Castro’s first album, ‘Remember Me’, was released. Castro’s career is taking off. He has only just started yet still has more and more musical ideas and he still searching for new musicians to materialize his musical ideas. The next album will be released in December 2010. It will have new compositions and new way of arrangements keeping his sound signature as is.

In 2010 Castro signed a global distribution and publishing agreement with leading Australian indie powerhouse "Blue Pie" www.bluepie.com.au. The first release from Castro on Blue Pie is his album "Remember Me" which is out now and available at all leading digital retailers on the planet.

For more information on Castro you can visit his www.myspace.com/msalha

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