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Charlotte Eriksson

About Charlotte Eriksson: Charlotte Eriksson, also called the GlassChild, is a young artist and songwriter who’s not humble about aiming high. Her songwriting grabs your attention right away, and she's switching between lyrics like poetry with a fragile broken voice , to strong and crystalclear punk/rock-vocals that cuts right through, and has been compared as a ”punkversion of Tori Amos and Lykke LI”, to songwriters and vocalists such as Hayley Williams (Paramore). Her music is naked and honest, and leaves you with feelings you never thought you had.
Charlotte is from Sweden, but has always gone her own way, leaving people amazed by her determination and independence. Only 19 years old, she moved all on her own to London to pursue her music and take it to the next level. After only 3 months she has already played at famous venues all over London, and in October 2010 she started to study professional songwriting at the Institute of Contemporary Music Perforamnce. At the moment she’s recording, producing and planning the release for her first EP. Charlotte surely knows how to make things happen, and she’s already been named as ” the one to watch” by indie-musicblogs in both sweden, UK and US.
”My lyrics might be too bold, edgy and make people uncomfortable, but I want to shock people. Make them think thoughts and feel things they never felt before. Leave a scar. I want to go above and beyond what’s expected of me. I want to do this so well that they can’t take their eyes off me.”


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