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Beau Minks

About Beau Minks: What's rocking music heads out there my name is Beau Minks a 21 year old rapper coming from harlem that's been through the hell flames plenty of times...in and out of jail,baby moms not letting me see my kids,dead beat dad that's trying to be there now for me after 15 years and a p.o hounding my every move.still I refuse to fail and this is what I'm giving y'all my life the pains,joys,money,club scenes,the jail time,my thoughts as I see the world,my addictions and my passion.so instead of me selling drugs,robbing people or doing anything negative any more I'm following my dreams and praying that one day I'll reach all of them so if you can relate or want to hear what I have to offer please support me and purchase my music thank you for getting me this far just keep on riding harlem I am that one,brooklyn got jay-z after big now harlem has Beau Minks after Big L .....R.I.P

Signed to his own Independent Label N.S.G Records which he is also the label's flagship artist and has four artists,three producers,a camera man,clothes,two mangers,and five R&B singers.Founded by Beau Minks in 1/10/09 buy N.S.G Records lastest Mixtape The Desolation Mixtape...vol.1 on itunes,amazon mp3,emusic,etc....(Executive Producer)Marlon Gains"aka" The Closer.
copywrite 2009

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