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We're Not Afraid

About We're Not Afraid: Sometime in mid 2008, five guys got drunk enough to start a band. Better than starting a fantasy football league, I suppose. Playing fast and having nothing in common served them well as they were quickly signed to a major in Japan. A deal secured on the strength of a few demo songs, recording started. The first full-length album "Adventures in Poverty" was released on Radtone/Media Factory (JP), and received glowingly positive reviews in the Japanese media-o-sphere. A few tours and a few bullshit lies from lable-types later, the boys got sick of waiting on the powers that be to release the album in the west. They chose to man the mailbox and get the album out themselves. Do they have an acronym for that? Doing it yourself? Anyway, fans of fast and melodic punk/hardcore will pay attention to this band's release. It's easy to pick out familiar tones of Strung out, AFI and Rise Against in their songs. Dig slightly deeper, and the oddities in the writing make the songs much more than a rehash of the sounds that inspired them.

They also hit a deer on tour and felt bad about it.

They're complex like that.

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