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Captain Wilberforce

About Captain Wilberforce: “If you were to splice the DNA of Squeeze with that of the Guillemots, Burt Bacharach and Lennon and McCartney, this is what you'd likely get, a melody drenched album of superbly arranged intelligent grown up pop, rippling with quality songs that wear their 80s influences without shame but also sound like they were minted tomorrow. There's not a duff track here, but special attention should really be directed at the title track which is both reminiscent of and as good as anything on Sgt Pepper” – roots-and-branches.com

“It's really well done and my mind starts to think of names like Jon Brion, Brendan Benson, Josh Fix, Squeeze, Jason Falkner and Tim Finn. 4 Stars…. A very good album.” – melodic.net

“It’s still grounded in the finest British pop influences e.g. the Beatles, the Who (by way of Guided By Voices), XTC, Barrett, Bowie, Costello, Hitchcock et al. The highlights come thick and fast. Make sure you decide to possess this essential recording.” – powerofpop.com

“It’s really good… and it’s a damned sight better than whatever you’re hearing on your local “modern rock for people with kids” radio station”. – RetroLoFi.com

“'Everybody Loves A Villain' by Captain Wilberforce is a superb piece of British pop-rock that deserves to do well - every minute a pleasure - every inch a winner - tremendous stuff!!” – ToxicPete.co.uk

“I urge you to check out this album, it's one for all you pop kids out there.” – Russellsreviews.co.uk

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