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Robyn Lynch

About Robyn Lynch: Robyn Lynch has big plans. The Australian singer may have only just released her debut album – the thrilling „Love is Pure‟ – but she already has her sights set on the top.
Having cut her teeth writing music for meditation CDs, this album is Lynch‟s way of announcing herself to an even wider audience. And it is as accomplished a debut effort as you are likely to hear in this or any other year.
Lynch is a classically-trained singer and, in some ways, „Love is Pure‟ is a classical album. But what makes this a very different prospect is her ability to combine that special, unique voice of hers with new age sounds, jazz sensibilities and electronic beats.
“I wanted to create something new and fresh,” says Lynch. And, guided by the expert hand of Brisbane producer extraordinaire Scugnizzo she has done just that.
Along with her own swooping, soaring, theatrical voice, Lynch‟s stunningly original album features tunes where Spanish guitars, string quartets and brass sections combine to create an exciting, invigorating whole.
With a dark, sometimes cynical side to her lyrics, Lynch‟s writing is designed to appeal to the listener who wants a little more depth from his or her music. Furthermore, the raw emotion of this album will touch anyone who chooses to slip this into their CD player.
Lynch wants to follow this recording up by writing and performing music for the stage and screen.

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