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Ze and that is all music licensing store
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Ze and that is all

About Ze and that is all: Ze is a veteran producer. Having grown with the culture from day one long before rap/hip hop music became a big seller in the music industry. He defines the very essence of what the music should and once was about(klever word play,wit,and a thought provoking definitive message). Ze is one third of the group Fleshwound and the founding member of KohZe projects, also recently releasing a debut solo ep (Hello World) on the Nylon recordings label. He has worked in several recording studios and toured with regional and national acts.His goal is to return the meaning to the music. in this day and time more and more it has become the norm to produce and perform meaningless material that effects the minds of millions at a time when we all need to be aware of the life changing conditions that exsist around us. Ze challenges the industry to stand and deliver the real to the world that so eagerly listens daily. Music defines our world and where we are through out history,during the turbulent days gone by music gave us a reflection of the world and world problems speaking directly to the masses in a langauge that we can feel ; called "soul" because it should speak to our souls, there is power in the music and it can change things, it can change minds and is definitely a power not to be misused.Ze speaks straight from the heart, every song reflects the happiness ,the sadness, and anger we all feel.Ze represents the truth in the music.

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