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About ONAN: ONAN, started February 2010, is the solo project of Sydney-based artist Kim Forbes. Kim started out playing with bands such as The Luddites, Rainbow Kiss, Amarantha, and most recently, Tortoise Cult. For the time being, ONAN is purely a musical endeavour - that being said, ONAN plans on working with guest vocalists for a joint release in coming 2011.

Throughout 2010, ONAN has released 2 albums and an EP, with the last ('III:Metal|Porno|Space|Opera') as a dedication to fans of ONAN. More releases are expected 2011 =>

ONAN takes inspiration from such fine acts as Meshuggah, King Crimson, Extol, Evocation, Misery Signals, FellSilent, Steely Dan, while still trying to maintain a unique identity.

ONAN is currently unsigned and self-produced by Kim Forbes.

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Work started on new material for 2011!
Monday 24th January 2011: Kim Forbes has revealed he has started the writing process for a... [more]