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Andy Kostek

About Andy Kostek: Andy Kostek has been involved with music for over 20 years. Andy started playing in bands in the early 80s as a lead guitarist and has played in venues ranging from the smallest café bars to major fairs, also doing the pub rounds in the south of England.

During 2007 Andy worked on his 1st CD release, (One by one – released Dec 2007) a limited edition CD with 16 track both heartfelt and soulful. The album was recorded in his then dinning room where he lived in Crosshaven Ireland. In this most inspiring of environments Andy worked for over a year on the album, on which he played every instrument, and worked through each step of the process from song writing, recording, mastering, duplication and distribution. Andy was after a vintage feel, and although some digital instruments were used, the goal was get as close as possible to how it would be live. Each instrument played with very few takes, and left with minimal alteration for maximum feel. While the album was initially recorded for Andy’s own pleasure, it sold out shortly after release and was discontinued. Andy then worked on his second album My Mirage released in early 2010,

Andy’s albums have sold world wide, he has been featured on a number of radio stations such as Air FM (Dublin) as Artist of the week, and by the BBC. He has worked on productions for film, company presentations and is now also involved in artist development.

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