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J.L.H AKA GM music licensing store
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About J.L.H AKA GM : Name is J.L.H. im 23 yrs old born 08/01/1987 from long island new york from a family of 11 yes a big family eight boys three girls but i was raised in north carolina in a town close by j cole but called rocky mount aka Roc CIty so all i know is the south but music has always been around me because i was brought up in church coming up up untill 15 or 16 years old so i got thrown in th choir and couldnt sing a lick but fell in love with how ppl really become what they hear and feel how the song is making them feel so i went from ballin all my life to avoidin trouble on the block but i still wild out but never really got pulled into the dope game i finished school and at 17 realize 5'9 ballin in the nba seem rare so i started writing ryhmes with my brother rell who i do music with still till this day i also just moved back out to new york after college graduatin with a audio engineering degree at icb in ohio about two months ago in sept 29th of 2010 where ppl really fell in love with how my southern swagg was a sound like no other because it was different to where i started getting comments like you one of the hottest up and coming artist i have heard from carolina to me fallin in love with writing for rnb singers

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