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About Autonym: AUTONYM are the LA by way of Philadelphia based discordant punk attack brought to you by some soon to be heroes in the scene.

Produced and engineered by Year Future bassist Pete Lyman (see also Neon Blonde and The Locust) at Infrasonic Sound (The Mars Volta, VSS) in Los Angeles, CA, “Shall We Skip To Excessive Celebration?” documents an underground hardcore-punk revival last heard to be this amazing by championed legends Nation of Ulysses, Swing Kids, and Yaphet Kotto.

With a 200-page novel and video accompanying the entire album, Autonym has found a way to return to the traditional values and earnest sound of early punk while creating music arranged intricately in both style and concept. The upcoming debut album and accompanying novel, along with constant touring, has caused a stir in independent music as Autonym makes its grand entrance asking Shall We Skip To Excessive Celebration?”

If the members of Autonym can tolerate each other long enough to write a follow-up, I'm willing to bet my lunch money on it being something special. I enthusiastically endorse this album as it is a shot to the gut I haven't felt since I saw Michael Ironside blow up a man's head in Scanners.

I managed to listen to this album many times in preparation for this review and each time I discovered a new lyrical meaning or guitar layer that I hadn’t noticed previously. It is really interesting how much of a musical journey can be taken in a song a little over a minute long. This replay value mixed with spot on production by Year Future’s Pete Lyman (The Locust, Neon Blonde) makes Shall We Skip To Excessive Celebration? a scarily ambitious outing. If this is only the first album, I can’t wait to hear what is in store for this welcome addition to the hardcore music community.

I don’t know why, but I instantly fell in love with this rather ridiculous 13 minute, 10-song CD called, “Shall We Skip to Excessive Celebration” by Autonym. Something about the spazzy, slapdash sounding voice of Will Angelos, the old skool screamo vibe mixed with a menacing overload of metallic guitars, grinding percussion, and the shoddy but good production had each of the songs constantly on repeat.

Shall We Skip To Excessive Celebration? acts as an awesome end-of-the-year boost, and if AUTONYM continues on in the direction of this album, their noisy hardcore may just lead them to the promise land.

Autonym is taking the art of concept albums to new heights, heights that most bands only wish they could achieve.
-Truman Burden, Decoymusic.com

Heavily art-drenched and damaged incorporated, these boys use the prowess of engineer Pete Lyman (The Locust) to actually deliver what seems to be a fertile combo of Mars Volta and the latest Matches...
-Left Of The Dial Online Music Magazine

These four guys bring music that sounds like a mixture of Botch, Fear Before The March of Flames, The Locust and some weird dance grooves here and there. Guitarist Josh Savin’s riffs are quite headspinning at times, both melodic and technical, without losing flow. Savin manages to not let the melody go down in the stream of odd-time signatures dominating the album throughout.
-Semtex Music Magazine

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