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About FlaT: FlaT (Faisal Lateef) is a 20 year old musical artist, producer, manager, college student and man of the world. Born in the Tri-State area, FlaT moved to Orlando, FL when he was 8. He now attends the University of Florida in Gainesville pursuing a degree in Criminology and Political Science. FlaT's music is produced and written by himself in efforts to orchestrate a complete pallet of musical expression in every project. He uses heavy hip-hop drums but deviates from the usual generic sampling in the industry today. FlaT relies on natural sounds from strings and pianos to human vocals and woodwinds. FlaT has established a team with his partner and co producer Andrew Girges called Nu South. Its mantra is to evolve the format of southern hip-hop and display its ability to be deep, intellectual and conceptual. FlaT is all about keeping heads bopping and blunts burning, just celebrating until we bring heaven down to Earth. Its not just music its a cultural movement.

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