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Weird Bugger

About Weird Bugger: Think of combining Moby with Led Zeppelin, Massive Attack with Pink Floyd or The Chemical Brothers with The Velvet Underground. Add a bit of Gypsy, Jazz, Reggae, Lo-Fi and Folk and you've come a great way in defining Weird Bugger's genre-bending music.

In 2010, after not having played a single note for 10 years, Dutch multi-instrumentalist Weird Bugger (real name Wiard Bakker - when properly pronounced in Dutch sounds very much like 'Weird Bugger' indeed) decided there was more to life than being an IT engineer so he got himself some new instruments and recording gear, locked himself up in his garage and produced his instrumental debut album "PRETTY COOL STUFF for beginners", a 17 track musical journey into uncharted cross-genre territory.

Drawing upon a kaleidoscope of influences - 70's rock, psychedelica, trance, country, jazz, indie rock, folk, lo-fi, reggae, trip-hop and more - he created his own unique and refreshing sound and style. Weird Bugger's music has been dubbed "Power Lounge", "Indie Folk Trance Rock" and "Power Lo-Fi", but might as well be classified as "Folk Trance Crossover" or "Indietronic Lounge Rock".

The digital album was mastered by Jonas Filtenborg of www.backbeatproductions.nl

The physical CD - available at http://weirdbugger.bandcamp.com - was mastered by KRAMER, legendary founder of the influential New York record label Shimmy-Disc www.kramershimmy.com

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