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About Tapped: A bit about Tapped

It's really quite a compliment to say there are Tapped songs that could fit quite comfortably inside a Beatles album, and it’s been said one could see Tapped sharing a stage with Cheap Trick, even tearing it up with the likes of many of today’s Country Artists.

Individually and collectively, Tapped has been turning some great music for years, performed in the best venues, and have been blessed enough to have played music with some of the best musicians around.

We have our own style, we have a very good sound and we’re fortunate that we happen to write songs that appeal to a wide audience.”

The Dunaway Brothers have taken their own style of music to a new level with Tapped, blending cleverly crafted lyrics with exceptional musicianship creating a cool energy, smoothly shifting gears performing room shaking Rock & Roll, on the edge Power Pop and heart racing Country music.

It’s no wonder Tapped was selected as one of Michigan’s Top 13 Rock Bands of 2010.

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