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Chase The Demo music licensing store
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Chase The Demo

About Chase The Demo: Chase The Demo is a professional quality home based studio, driven by Steinberg Cubase 5, EW/QL, Sony ACID Pro and Sound Forge and Vegas, BFD2, Echo Gina 3G, Alesis M1, Buescher Alto, Conn Tenor, and Yamaha S80 to name just a few. The guest musicians I'm working with - both in-house and remotely - have their own studios, consisting of Cubase as well, but also UAD Plugs, DW Drums, and a long list of software, hardware, and plenty of live instruments. Chase The Demo is a brilliant mix of live musicians blended with electronic instruments and digital effects. Current projects at the top of the production list are being pushed towards movie/TV and video game licensing. Contact CTD for more info, and stay tuned...

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