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About BeebleBrox: In 1983 we started playing our own tunes in a thrown together band in Albstadt, Germany. We needed a band name for our first gig - everybody in the band had just read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. We agreed that we wanted our name related with that book: 'BeebleBrox Spectacular' was born.

In 1986 Monika joined the band. For reasons not remembered the band was renamed 'Bubble Gun'. In 1988 that band broke up when Peter and Monika moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA. Shortly after arrival a brand new version of BeebleBrox was born with Robert Dickson on bass, Woody Williams on drums and Greg Riley on sax. Two years later, after many personnel switches, with Robert Dickson on bass and Don Davis on drums we recorded the first album: Entropy. Regrettably, there are only about two original tape copies left (it is available for the die-hard fans on CD-R). It was a very adventureous album with 30 minute long tunes and many odd meters (no vocals, though). Entropy was recorded in drummer Don Davis' bedroom in Birmingham, AL, on our Yamaha four track cassette recorder.

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