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The Wand

About The Wand: The Wand is a project, created in the summer of 2007 ! Project joining the potential and the talent of two musicians. Each with their own achievements in the art of music, before the fortune to meet them and unite their efforts in the name of the better realization of all that they carry deep in their hearts.....! The members of the project are: Mila Kara- Piano / Bulgaria/ and Tzvetan Iliev-Ceco /USA/- Guitar. In many of the songs is present as a Guest musician Jose Diaz /USA/-percussions. The artists are not following certain style. They just give a free will of their artistic imagination. The projects surprise with interesting, own original way of blending acoustic and electronic elements, different styles and ethnic colour. All that driven by powerful emotions. Dive into the music of The Wand.....and feel the magic!

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